Restoring a Curly Wig

Since I tend to cosplay Sheryl a lot I needed to take out my Sheryl wig and see just how bad the damage was. I remembered it looked a little ragged when I put it away after Halloween. It was a very windy day that day so it got really frizzy and lost it’s shine.

When I took it out of the bag it was even worse than I remembered. I was wondering what I was going to do because this wig was the only one I really liked for Sheryl. This one had the perfect balance of pink and blond. So, I decided I was going to try and clean the wig up myself. It was a lot of trail and error and – at one point – I thought I would never get it to work. As you can see it looks stringy and has no body, the underneath part was really frizzy and icky looking, not even having much curl left.

First I just tried to comb it but the curls were starting to fall out and the underneath part just kept getting frizzier and frizzier. I looked up ways to help frizz on synthetic wigs but most of them were for straight wigs so I finally decided to actually just restyle the wig myself and hope for the best.

So I brushed it as good as possible not caring if the curls were gone when I was done. Then I washed the wig in cool water with regular shampoo. I did this by filling a bucket with water and then putting the shampoo in the water. I then put the wig in and gently pressed it into the water over and over. I did not lather the shampoo into the wig! Then I rinsed it under a slow stream of cool water, then repeated the process but instead of using shampoo I used Fabric Softener. Then I let it air dry for over 8 hours while I went to work.

When I got home it was still damp, but that is how I wanted it.

These are my weapons of choice in fixing my wig.

The items include, Spray bottle with water, Got 2 B Glue Freeze Spray, Foam Curlers, Wide Comb, Wide Brush, Curling Brush, and a Fabric Steamer. The other items you see are Glue Gel and Brush Curlers. I didn’t like the way those stuck to the hair so I went with foam curlers and a spray instead. Most of the items you can find at places like Walmart or Sally’s.

I came home and divided the hair into parts, brushing them out even better while holding on firmly to the strands so it wouldn’t pull too much. Brushing a wig when it is still wet is suppose to be a big no no but this wig called for it because it was already too far gone. Once I got a section looking as good as I could I would spray it down with the water bottle and then spray it with the Glue Spray. Then I would take a curler of choice (used many different sizes) and rolled it up as good as I could. This process actually took a long time, over a few hours, because the hair was still such a mess. (my arms were so tired at the end)

Then I steamed it with a fabric steamer for 10-15 minutes. I made sure not to get to close to the hair because I didn’t want to burn the fibers! However, this step was to help with the frizz which the wig really called for. When I was done I let it sit over night and almost all day so that it was completely dry, then I carefully took out the curlers, and I mean carefully! You have no idea how much harder it is to take these things out without ripping the hair unlike with real hair. Be patient and you will get the best result.

Tada! The wig turned out fantastic, it has it’s shine again and it doesn’t look stringy and nasty. It looks a lot more full and ready for pictures! I will probably even buy some pre-wefted extensions for this wig in time because the top is seeming a little thin but it is good enough.

I’m really glad all that hard work paid off. It was all thanks to the many different tutorials I read. I didn’t do it exactly like they said but I wouldn’t have even the slightest clue if it wasn’t for them.

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